Santa Clara County Parks have closed the range for precautionary measures due to the fire on the back side of mountains.  We are not in any danger or have been asked to evacuate,  This is just precautionary.  We have evacuation plans if need be and will ask for help if it comes to that. As of now, Range will be closed till Sunday August 30. 2020


The Santa Clara County Parks Covid -19 signs at the range say,

Masks are strongly urged.

There has been concern that face masks are not being used while on the trails for League, or at the practice range and close to another group. Keep in mind that some people may be high risk.

Please be aware of who you are near, and if it’s not a family member, or you are shooting alone, please wear your mask...set others at ease. Thank you!

- Debbie Golzen

President Bowhunters Unlimited

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