Tuesday League Shoots Begin

The COVID-19 shut-down has made a mess of the usual archery season, but local ranges and shops are open once again. Get your equipment tuned up and join us on Tuesdays. We'll begin with a warm-up (no scoring) on 30 June, and begin scored sessions starting 07 July through 25 August. Targets will be available from 4-8 pm.

The usual rules for shooting & scoring apply – complete rules available on BHU website under “Cool Stuff->Shoot Rules”. To reduce worries about viral spread there will not be a registration table! The "paperwork" will be done online. Please go to the BHU website and pay $10/ week by clicking on the donate button. Just be sure to make a note that you are donating to the 3D League. Or place exact change or a check in an envelope and drop in the slot on the side of the shed. Scorecards will be available at the parking lot. Scores will be submitted via email. Take a picture of your completed scorecard each week and email to mpdvm@mac.com There will be a “Range Finder” category for compound shooters, as well as special categories for Atlatis and Asian bows. And just to make things simple a flat $10 fee for all contestants. Be safe! Have Fun!

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